Contractors and homeowners alike agree that BuildClean makes a big difference in maintaining a livable remodeling experience. Check out what they have to say about the dust control system below!


(The BuildClean Dust Control System) worked wonderfully. Between the plastic barrier and the clean air system, our house was livable.

Laura, Homeowner

I thought, when I first read about BuildClean, that it might be too good to be true. My contractor, his crew and I can now tell you that seeing is believing!

Sandee Johnson Bailey, Homeowner

My contractor demolished part of my kitchen addition ceiling and wall using the BuildClean machine and - no significant dust!! It is amazing; I will let all other contractors know about it and continue to apprise you of its utility as my rebuilding and remodeling proceeds.

Eileen Winston, Homeowner

…just talking about the dust makes me mad. In the summer we had our bathroom remodeled, dust was everywhere. I found more when I pulled out my Christmas china. All the emotions of this project returned when I saw more dust.

Consumer Focus Group Participant, Homeowner


Keeping their homes clean is a huge fear that our clients express at the beginning of a project. With BuildClean, we can tell them we can’t eliminate dust, but we can take a lot of it out of the air before it even lands. It keeps the house clean, and it’s a safer environment for our crews working in the house as well.

We have to have an effective solution for jobsite dust to protect their property, their time and—most importantly—their family. BuildClean delivers.

Michael Sauri, Owner, TriVistaUSA

Our clients are thrilled by the fact that we use [BuildClean] to reduce the amount of dust that we release in their homes.

[BuildClean] made the experience better for our homeowners—which is everything to me.

...unit is working great, I could not be more impressed with its performance so far. We used it on one project and the crew said it was a big help in keeping the site dust free.

[BuildClean] holds true to its standards. Big Red, as we call it, has helped clean the air to the point where I don’t need allergy meds. Big Red cleans the air fast no matter what you throw at it, whether it is broom dust or drywall dust to paint overspray. Thanks for another great addition to our dust control system.

The crews think it is awesome. We had to cut out a section of concrete slab in an office building. Containment and working in the containment area was much nicer compared to our older technique of duct everything to the exterior, along with the unsightly dust plum billowing out of the side of the building. Much better for our appearance in the community, ease of maintaining a clean work site within operating businesses and safety for the employees. We just stepped up our game/professionalism.

I absolutely love the product, and use it often. It does a great job controlling the dust in my demolition projects, and during the remodeling phase as well. Definitely one of the better tools I've purchased.

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