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Dust Control System

HEPA 360° Air Scrubber

BuildClean HEPA 360 Air Scrubber
$1,060.00 (+ tax and shipping)
Pays for itself in just four jobs!
Looking for more information? Download the BuildClean Dust Control System Owner’s Manual and Cost and Benefit Analysis Worksheet now.

Rugged, portable, compact and loaded with features, the HEPA 360°AIR SCRUBBER is ideal for contractors who need to control job site dust in an effective and low-cost manner. It’s easy to use—just plug it in and turn it on.


360° Design – Allows multi-directional air collection, maximizes particle collection and boosts efficiency.

Dynamic Fan Speed Control – Fan speed increases as the filters load. Helps to maintain the desired air flow speed (CFM) while work is in progress. Prolongs the useful life of the pre-filter and eliminates the need to interact with the system during the project.

Automatic Mode – Allows the unit to work while you’re away from the jobsite. Sensors determine the level of dust in the environment and adjust fan speed based on the dust present in the environment. Minimizes interaction with the system and ensures product use.

LED Filter Status Monitoring – Stoplight-style notification of filter life and when the filters need to be changed. Ensures 100% consumption of the filter.

Four-Speed SystemAUTO, HIGH (600 CFM), MEDIUM (400 CFM), LOW (200 CFM)
Coverage Area6,000 cubic feet
Size22" tall x 18" diameter
Power Consumption395 watts, 1.5 amps 120 V AC
GFCI Protected Outlet8 amps auxiliary outlet
Sound (Noise Level)40 dB on HIGH - 28 dB on LOW
Product Weight38 lbs.

NOTE: Purchase includes the air scrubber, HEPA filter and one pre-filter. The units ship same day and arrive approximately three days after placing an order.

The BuildClean Dust Control System is sold with a satisfaction guarantee. Within the first 30 days of use, if the system is not dramatically reducing the amount of airborne dust, we'll refund 100% of the purchase upon the return of the unit.

Implementation video

Filters and Accessories

Coarse Particle Pre-Filter

BuildClean Coarse Particle Pre-Filter Case
$120.00 per Case of 5 ($24.00 per Pre-Filter)

Stage one of BuildClean's two-stage filtration process. Collects larger coarse particles (typical size: 3.0 to 10.0 microns). Depending on the project, one filter should last one job (30 days). Pre-Filters should be shaken out when dirty, which can be done multiple times over the course of a project.


360° Design – Maximum pre-filter surface area, depth-loading filter media; substantially longer run time before the filter needs to be changed. Designed specifically to interface with the BuildClean HEPA 360° air scrubber.

ClassificationMERV 10
MaterialThree-dimensional Spun Polyester
Size12" tall x 24.75" flat

NOTE: A new pre-filter should be used at the start of every new job to avoid liability issues.

Product is sold by the case (five pre-filters per case).

Fine Particle HEPA filter

BuildClean Fine Particle HEPA filter

Stage two of BuildClean’s two-stage filtration system. Collects fine particles (removes 99.97% of 0.3µm-sized particles from the air that passes through).


360° Design – Maximum filtration surface area, depth-loading filter media; substantially longer run time before the filter needs to be changed. Designed specifically to interface with the BuildClean HEPA 360° air scrubber.

Lifespan – The HEPA filter should last 2,000 to 5,000 hours (depending on the type of dust and how well the pre-filters are maintained).

Size9.5" tall x 14.75" dia.

System Vent Hose with Clamp

BuildClean System Vent Hose with Clamp

Flexible vent hose used to direct exhaust air or to create negative pressure environment.


Negative Air Pressure Mode – In this mode, the air scrubber is used to collect dust and to create a slight vacuum in the area surrounding the machine. To use the air scrubber in Negative Air Pressure Mode, it is necessary to use a vent hose (see operations manual).

  • Structured PVC/Polyester Hose with Steel Wire Helix
  • Compresses down to one-sixth of its total extended length
  • Flame resistant
  • 8" Worm-gear Clamp
Size8" dia. X 25' Long

BuildClean System Starter Kit

BuildClean System Starter Kit

For a strong start to your dust management program, use our easy Starter Kit.


Kit includes:

  • One BuildClean HEPA 360° Air Scrubber
  • One Case of 5 Coarse Pre-Filters
  • One Structured Vent Hose with Clamp

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