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Today, several data-driven and client-behavioral factors are giving us reason to feel good about the current remodeling environment:

  • Home appreciation
  • Low unemployment
  • Favorable interest rates
  • Relatively strong stock market growth over the last 8 years
  • Product proliferation and complexity
  • Time-starved homeowners seeking professional help

However, although demand has dramatically increased, that doesn’t mean the “doing or selling” of remodeling is easier. If you look at metrics such as longer sales cycles or lower close rates, it shows that the business of remodeling is getting tougher. And that means the need to be a Pro is greater than ever.

Are you a Pro?

Here are the top five attributes of a true Pro.

  1. Client centric.
    How much time do you invest in training you team about the client and how to control the client vs. the product? A client-centric Pro realizes they are first and foremost there to mentally and emotionally support their client—a role that requires special skills and insights.
  2. Spends time thinking about and planning for the future.
    The Amateur is focused primarily on getting through today. Again, planning for the future requires acumen that is not just remodeling skills. Managing time, communicating, keeping an ear to the ground for market conditions and having a clear vision of where you are heading are important areas the best Pros focus on.
  3. Realizes that if they don’t change, they will become irrelevant.
    The Pro believes in consistency and processes, but is always looking for ways to improve. The Amateur tends to be very complacent with practices that were developed in the past and are often irrelevant today.
  4. Believes training is an investment, not an expense.
    During the recession, the best Pros invested more in training rather than cutting that cost. They also believe that training needs to show a return on investment (ROI) just like any other important investment.
  5. Constantly marketing.
    The percent of time the Pro owner or leader invests in marketing is substantial. The Amateur does not have time to market. Their passion is about the doing of remodeling more than the growing of a healthy remodeling business.

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