Peter Shankman, author, consultant and entrepreneur, discusses how to achieve this in his book Zombie Loyalists: Using Great Service to Create Rabid Fans. Here are a few of his core customer principles:

  1. Transparency Rules: Make Mistakes, Move On
    Many companies think customer service applies primarily to things they do well, but great service really shows when mistakes are made. How you respond to mistakes—like a missed deadline—will determine whether customers stay or go.
  2. Stay Relevant: Ask Customers What They Want
    The best way to find out what customers need? Ask them. Studies show that customers who are asked what they want become three to four times more invested in your company.
  3. Be Short and Sweet: Move with the Speed of Social Media
    In the Internet age, Shankman says companies have 2.7 to three seconds to gain a customer’s attention—about the length of time it takes to read a tweet. Learning to deliver content and services as succinctly as possible will turn customers into fans.
  4. Stay at the Top…Of Customers’ Minds
    Leverage client satisfaction to grow your business. Turn past jobs into reviews for your company and get the rest of the world talking about you.

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