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Don’t Let Construction Dust Disrupt a Building

Unless you are proactively taking steps to manage indoor air quality (IAQ), it’s also likely that construction dust is migrating throughout the building, floating through vents and creeping into other tenants’ units. Read More »

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How To Control Remodeling Dust

As a remodeling contractor I learned early on that learning how to control remodeling dust and keeping out of the non-remodeled portion of your clients home is often more important than the quality of your work. Read More »

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Surviving a Remodel: You vs. Dust

True or False: The #1 threat to livability during a remodel is dust. If you answered “true,” then you are on the right track. Read More »

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Customer Satisfaction Starts with Clean Contracting

You have the workmanship. You have the clientele. Now it’s time to bring on the happy–happy client that is. Read More »

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BuildClean Dust Control System

Here at we often write about "best practices" and "contractor professional development." We also follow Henry Ford's advice of, "doing things right when no one is looking." Read More »

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Kitchen Demo with BuildClean

If you have lived through a home renovation, you know that dust gets everywhere! By everywhere, we mean the nooks and crannies on another floor where your reno isn’t even taking place. You find yourself cleaning up the dust for months and months and months after your project is complete. Read More »

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The Dust is in the Details—Demand a Remodeler Who Cares About the Livability of Your Home

Home remodeling is a very exciting time. Just imagine how wonderful it will be to cook in your brand new kitchen, step into a new luxury shower, or entertain in your beautiful new family room. Read More »

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This Machine Solves the Problem of Construction Site Dust

The makers of the BuildClean Dust Control System says the product virtually eliminates airborne dust that results from demolition, sanding, and other standard remodeling tasks, making spaces more livable for clients who choose to stay in their homes during a job. Read More »

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The Dirt on Dust, Part I

Dust isn’t just a nuisance byproduct of remodeling; it’s nasty stuff that’s bad for employees, bad for subs, bad for clients—and bad for business. Read More »

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The Dirt on Dust, Part 2

It’s time remodelers adopted these commonsense measures to protect workers and homeowners from jobsite dust. Read More »

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What I Like: BuildClean Dust Control System

Beyond a clean jobsite, David Roberts hails the health and safety benefits the BuildClean system offers. Read More »

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Easy Solutions for Homeowners' Shoulda, Coulda, Wouldas

Real Simple magazine asked their readers what they wish they had known before a remodel. We offer solutions so your forthcoming clients don't make the same mistakes. Read More »

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BuildClean Dust Control System

Remodeling has changed from showing up at a client’s home and make a complete mess; to a more professional and healthy approach involving HEPA air scrubbers, floor protection; plastic dust wall systems and HEPA vacuums connected to all your tools. Read More »

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BuildClean Air Scrubber

Dust is among the biggest worries of homeowners undergoing a remodel, so why it is that so few remodelers use portable air cleaners, I can’t figure out. Read More »

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Working Lead-Safe

Containment and cleanup safeguard clients and their children, but what are we doing to protect ourselves? Read More »

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BuildClean Dust Control System

Construction dust is often a pain point when renovating or upgrading a major facility. In commercial environments, it’s likely that occupants continue using the building while other parts of the facility are undergoing construction. Read More »

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