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Homeowners and tenants realize that a remodel will disrupt their lives. What they won’t accept is the dust, hanging in the air and gathering on their things. So how can you eliminate it while it’s still in the air, give your clients peace of mind, and build your business all at the same time? BuildClean.

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Make sure BuildClean is part of your contractor’s dust control program.

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BuildClean is different from the usual dust barriers, fans and vacuums. This innovative dust control system minimizes the migration of dust throughout your clients’ homes or offices, giving them the exceptional experience they demand—and the recommendations you’re looking for. Ready to see how it works?

Eliminate 90 percent of airborne dust *Results from an independent dust chamber test.
Dust control system
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Guarantee repeat business

Imagine the reaction you’ll get when you tell potential clients that you’ve got a dust control program in place, which will allow them to experience a livable remodeling project. Now, you’re the contractor who cares enough to pay attention to every little detail. You’ll get more work, more recommendations and more opportunities—all because you’ll be known for making your clients’ lives easier throughout the process. Get the dust under control with these best practices.


How it works

Designed especially for remodeling pros.

BuildClean dramatically reduces airborne jobsite dust by drawing in air, passing it through a series of filters and returning the “scrubbed” air back into the space. See it in action.

See it in action

Ease of use

Getting started is easy—just plug it in, turn it on and go.
Ease of Use
  • Dynamic fan speed control increases motor speed as filters load, maintaining desired CFM air flow
  • Auto Mode lets unit work without your supervision, so you'll never wonder if it's been turned on
  • LED Filter Status Monitoring has stop-light LED lights that tell you when to clean or replace filter


Exchange the air in a 6,000-cubic-foot room six times in one hour.

Two stage filtration
Two-Stage Filtration collects both coarse and fine matter, leaving no irritants behind
Dual Functinality
Dual Functionality lets you recirculate or run in negative pressure mode
Helps you meet the EPA/OSHA rules regarding crystalline silica and lead
360 Design
360° Design picks up dust from all over, instead of just one spot, to maximize particle collection


Construction Grade
Construction Grade Shell
handles the rigor of any job
Fits into any space,
vertically or horizontally


Pays for itself
System pays for itself within 5 jobs
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Perfect for any type of remodeling job, for any type of client.

  • Demolition
  • Framing
  • Sanding
  • Cutting
  • Grinding
  • Drywall
  • Flooring
  • Tile


Get started in three easy steps.

Position it.

Position it.

The unique 360° design lets you place the unit anywhere—horizontally or vertically.
Plug it in.

Plug it in.

BuildClean is equipped with a three-pronged 112 VAC (1 phase) power cord.
Turn it on.

Turn it on.

Turn the START knob to AUTO or desired fan speed.
System Tutorial

Dust settles.
Your clients don’t.

BuildClean and build your business.

68% of homeowners dread the remodeling process.

We’ve used BuildClean for several remodel and dry walling projects. It’s quiet and portable...yet very powerful for its footprint. I highly recommend this system whenever you remodel; it definitely improved our environment.

Bruce Meyer

We have to have an effective solution for jobsite dust to protect their property, their time and—most importantly—their family. BuildClean delivers.

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